Online Library Services


We are delighted to provide an exciting FREE Online Library Service which provides access to:

  • eBooks & eAudiobooks
  • eMagazines
  • Online Language Courses (New Service Coming Soon)
  • Online Newspapers  (New Service Coming Soon)
  • And over 500 eLearning Courses

You can register and start using these services on your laptop or PC now. Also you can download the apps, available from Google Play or the Apple App Store, to enjoy these services on your tablet or smart phone.

To access our fantastic online resources you will need to be a registered member of our Library Service (See Join the Library) and have an email address. 


eBooks & eAudiobooks

BorrowBox offers FREE eBooks and eAudiobooks to all library users.  The growing number of titles can be enjoyed online now.

NOTE: Due to recent changes to our computer system your PIN for accessing your BorrowBox account is no longer your surname.  It is now your 4 digit library membership PIN.  If you have forgotten your PIN just ask a member of staff for help.

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Who can I contact to get help?

You can contact BorrowBox support by sending an email to support@bolindadigital.com.



Access FREE digital copies of your favourite magazines with RBdigital Magazines for Libraries. This service offers unlimited access to a wide variety of popular titles, including Marie Claire, Top Gear, The Economist, Men's Health, Good Housekeeping, Android & much more.

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eLearning Courses

Enjoy FREE access to over 500 online courses with Universal Class, including Computers, Business, Financial Managment, Office Skills, Health and wellness, Crafts and much more!  Study at your own pace and at a time that suits you.

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