Supports for pupils during Lockdown

During any library and school closures resulting from COVID 19 restrictions it may seem that access to libraries and the joy of reading is curtailed for school children - but it's not!
We have some great online options for teachers, pupils & parents/guardians.
Pupils of all ages who are already library members have immediate access to our free Online Library
Our Online Library includes 5 different services

eBooks & eAudiobooks  from BorrowBox

eMagazines  from RBDigital

Online Language Courses   from Transparent Language

Online Newspapers and eMagazines  from PressReader

Online Learning Courses from Universal Class

BorrowBox in particular has wonderful eBooks and eAudiobooks for children, young adults and adults which can be downloaded to any mobile device via the BorrowBox App or through our website using a laptop or PC.
Access to any of the resources above is free and all that is required to register is a current Library Card number and PIN. 
If any of your school pupils can't find their library card or have forgotten their PIN they can ring any of the numbers listed below and we can sort it out over the phone.
Bailieborough Library  042 9665779
Cootehill Library 049 5559873
For pupils/parents who are not currently members they can ask their parent/guardian to help them to join temporarily today on our website.  Following this simple online registration they will be provided with a membership number and PIN to allow full access to all the resources above straight away.
We wish all schools and their pupils the very best and hope to see you visiting our libraries very soon!