Decade of Centenaries Autumn 2021 Lecture Series

Date and time: 13 October 2021 @ 00:00 to 13 October 2022 @ 00:00

Lecture No.2 

'In this country it does not pay to be loyal': Cavan Protestants and partition

by Dr Daniel Purcell

In this talk, Dr Daniel Purcell examines the many different ways that loyalists in Cavan attempted to resist independence by asserting their position in a wider Ulster Unionist movement. It then goes on to look at how they adapted to live in the Free State after their 'betrayal' by six county Unionists.

Lecture No.1 

‘The will of the people today: Cavan and the Anglo Irish Treaty’ by Dr Mel Farrell 

'The Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed on 6 December 1921. This Treaty led to a split in the Nationalist camp, leading eventually to Civil War. This  talk discussed how the signing was received in Cavan and the county's contribution to the debates for and against the ratification of that Treaty'.  


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